Netflix Movie of the Week # 19: In a World…


The first film from writer, director, producer, and actress Lake Bell, In a World… is a near perfect indie comedy. With an all-star cast of B-list celebrities, many of whom co-star along side Bell in the hit web series Children’s Hospital, and Bell’s heartfelt and unique comedic voice shining through in every beat, In a World… is a supremely entertaining film that sets a high standard for the quality of Bell’s directorial work in the future.

Following in the footsteps of her father, Carol Soloman (Lake Bell) has high hopes of becoming the first female voice to break into the sexist and male dominated world of voice over. Though I do find the subject material particularly interesting after recently watching a great documentary about voice acting, I Know that Voice, the thing that really makes this film stand out are the dysfunctional, and seemingly genuine relationships between characters throughout the film. It’s rare for a film to exist without any stock characters, and yet even the secondary characters have their own little quirks to set them apart.

While demonstrates that she has some serious acting and writing chops, Bell is certainly not the only star of this film. Demetri Martin and Rob Corddry were bright spots of this film, offering both strong comedic notes and also giving a very organic and believable soul to this movie.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

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